The Importance of the Upcoming Series

By Michael Hllywa

Barring a collapse of epic proportions, we aren’t going to catch the Texas Rangers. Might as well face the facts, right? What we can do, is focus on the teams we can catch, starting with the team directly in front of us, the Oakland Athletics.

The A’s are at the top of my list of “Teams I can’t stand.” Yes, above the Red Sox, the Yankees and the Mariners. Maybe its because of the bash brothers. Maybe it’s because of their hideous white shoes. But, there they sit, top of the hit list.

Currently, the Angels are sixth in the Wild Card race trailing the first Wild Card team Oakland by five and a half games. Our boys can take a huge bite out of that lead with a three game series starting today, and, for me, anything less than a sweep simply wont cut it.

The Math

Angels sweep: We leave Oakland two a half game back of them, barring things that are completely out of their control (Tigers run through the White Sox, the Orioles continuing to win), this is the only ideal outcome.

Angels take two out of three: We leave Oakland only gaining a game, and still trailing by four and a half games. It’s good to win the series, and every win counts. But, every loss hurts a lot more at this time of year.

Oakland takes two out of three: We leave Oakland six and a half games back. Things start getting dicey now. Six and a half games is a big lead,especially if second place Baltimore keeps winning and any momentum gained coming off taking five out of six from Boston and Seattle is seemingly lost as we leave Oakland to play Detroit.

Oakland sweeps the Angels: We leave Oakland eight and a half games back. This absolutely cannot happen. If it does, I’m afraid it is “Pack it in” time in Anaheim.

The Angels don’t have to just win this series. They need to come into Oakland, make a statement, and sweep this series for it to be of any substantial meaning going forward.