The Angels Cash Commitments

By MJ Lloyd

Big spenders during Hot Stove 2011, it’s no surprise that the Angels finished in the top five of payroll commitments for the 2013 season. Of course, Albert Pujols only sees a $4 million raise in 2013 from $12MM to $16MM before becoming a $20MM+ player in 2014 for the rest of eternity. The main cash albatross is obviously Vernon Wells with his near $25MM salary for sorting flavors of bubblegum on the bench.

MLB Trade Rumors published the full list, courtesy of Cot’s

"Dodgers, $193.8MMPhillies, $133.1MMYankees, $119.1MMCardinals, $92.8MMAngels, $92.3MMTigers, $90.2MMRangers, $84.4MMWhite Sox, $83.3MMGiants, $81.0MMReds, $74.1MMTwins, $68.3MMMarlins, $67.5MMBlue Jays, $61.3MMNationals, $58.6MMDiamondbacks, $55.0MMMets, $54.5MMOrioles, $53.2MMBrewers, $52.4MMRockies, $46.5MMRed Sox, $45.6MMCubs, $41.8MMMariners, $40.5MMRoyals, $34.9MMPirates, $27.9MMPadres, $26.0MMAthletics, $23.0MMRays, $18.6MMBraves, $15.2MMIndians, $11MMAstros, $5.5MM"

Torii Hunter‘s expensive contract comes off the books as does the money wasted on Bobby Abreu. The list doesn’t include potential options for Dan Haren and Ervin Santana or raises gained through arbitration. I expect the front office to throw money at bullpen help and make an expensive push to keep Zack Greinke.

Other Observations

-The Dodgers are already roughly *puts on glasses, pushes buttons* $4 billion over the $178 million luxury tax threshold for next year.

-The Red Sox can now afford better clubhouse food than fried chicken.

Alex Rodriguez spent more money on his last vacation than the Astros payroll.

-Will Liberty Media pay Brian McCann? Is there a “face of the franchise” tax write off?

-The Dodgers. How much money did Magic Johnson make off of those movie theaters?

-The Phillies are paying Ryan Howard so much money! It’s just going to be him and the pitching staff next year. Maybe some of the It’s Always Sunny cast.

-The Cardinals are on the hook for more cash than the Angels despite being Pujols-less.

-Using Fangraphs value system, Mike Trout is worth $37.2MM so far this year or more than the payroll commitments of eight teams for next season.

-You thought I was going a whole post without mentioning Mike Trout.