Mike Trout’s Pink Teddy Bear

By MJ Lloyd

If you see Mike Trout gallivanting around Orange County with a big, pink teddy bear, it’s not an homage to the pink bear in Breaking Bad nor is it his beloved binky from when he was four. It’s a gift from LaTroy Hawkins for part of the rookie hazing.

My bear is pink, bro (Rick Osentoski-US PRESSWIRE)

Most teams have a rookie dress up day where the brand new major leaguers wear sexy nurses outfits and whatnot or some kind of talent show featuring butchered Britney Spears songs. Old Man Hawkins added the new twist to this season. The rookies have to carry their teddy bear with them at all times away from the field. Trout received the pink one, Kole Calhoun got purple and Garrett Richards scored big with a white bear in a rainbow dress.

The important question “What happens if they’re caught without it?” is unfortunately never answered. Or asked. Trout says it isn’t causing much of a stir in the mean streets of Anaheim…

"Trout said he’s gotten only a “couple looks” while toting his bear out and about. “People ask if I’m a little bit girlish, but that’s about it.”"

A bit girlish? Where is he hanging out, the 1950’s?

If I saw Mike Trout walking down the street with a pink teddy bear, I’d be walking down the street with a pink teddy bear within the week. Make no mistake, Trout is the AL MVP/MLB MVP this season even if Miguel Cabrera wins the Triple Crown. Trout has a 10.4 Baseball-Reference Wins Above Replacement. Cabrera has a 6.8 WAR. That’s a huge difference. Want a little context for Trout’s amazing season? Of course you do. Over the last 20 years, there have been two (2!) seasons in which a player finished with a WAR above 10.4. Barry Bonds posted an 11.4 WAR in 2001 and 2002.

That is, what we in the biz call, silly.