Evaluating Mike Trout’s and Jered Weaver’s Award Chances

By Jason Evans

In case you missed it, yesterday the finalists for all of the Major League Baseball Awards were announced and the Angels were a big part of it. Mike Trout is a finalist for Rookie of The Year and MVP and Jered Weaver is a finalist for the Cy Young Award. The awards will be announced each day throughout the next week and as they are announced, we will talk about the results on Halo Hangout.

Sep 28, 2012; Arlington, TX, USA; Los Angeles Angels center fielder Mike Trout (27) smiles in the on deck circle during the first inning of the game against the Texas Rangers at Rangers Ballpark. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-US PRESSWIRE

Trout’s competition for Rookie of the Year is Yu Darvish and Yoenis Cespedes. Trout is the only one of the three not to be on an opening day roster this past year. (Imagine if he would’ve been though). It would absolutely stun me if Trout didn’t win the award. While both had impact for teams that made the playoffs, Trout’s season had never been done before. I think Trout wins and it wouldn’t shock me if it’s unanimous.MVP on the other hand is more convoluted. Trout and Miguel Cabrera will finish first and second in one way or another. Cabrera won the Triple Crown and led his team to a World Series appearance. There is a real split in the baseball community as to who should win this award. It seems like the people more inclined to use sabermetrics would say Trout while others say Cabrera. Trout is a better defensive player and base-runner which plays into this. I have a feeling Cabrera wins and Trout finishes second in a close, close race.

Weaver’s Cy Young competition is Justin Verlander and David Price. Verlander led in pitcher WAR by almost one full win over David Price and doubled the WAR of Weaver. Weaver and Price each had 20 wins, while Verlander had 17. Verlander led all of MLB in strikeouts, Price was 11 and Weaver isn’t much of a strikeout pitcher, finishing tied for 62 in MLB ironically with Dan Haren. Weaver led MLB in WHIP. Verlander was fifth and Price was eighth. I’m thinking Verlander gets his second straight award and Weaver finishes second.