Farewell Maicer Izturis

By Michael Hllywa

According to John Heyman of CBS Sports, Maicer Izturis is close to signing with the Toronto Blue jays, presumably to be their super utility infielder. I’ll let it slide that he used a picture of Alberto Callaspo as Izzy in this story. Details John, details.

Actually Izzy Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-US PRESSWIRE

Maicer finishes up his Angels career with a .276/.337/.384 sash line over 2506 at bats and accumulated 10.4 bWAR (Baseball Reference). Not bad for a little guy who never got to be a full time starter in his eight years with the Halos. He did at least get to bank $13MM+ during his time here.

This now opens the door for either Andrew Romine (all glove, no stick) or Angel Sanchez (Wasn’t good enough to play for the Astros last year) to become Mike Scioscia‘s new everything man. My money is on Sanchez if only because he has “Major League Experience” as Scioscia would call it.

As it stands, Izzy is still close to signing, but has not actually signed with the Blue Jays yet. Not like it really matters all that much as it’s been assumed since the day the season ended that Maicer was going to no longer be an Angel after the 2012 season. So, even if you don’t sign with Toronto, safe travels Boy King. May your Ervin Santana-lite chinstrap beard take you many many places.

According to reports, the deal is for three years $9MM. Coupled with Jeff Mathis extension, it is safe to assume that Alex Anthopoulos likes reserve players.