Cam Bedrosian, Another Angels Hunter

By Michael Hllywa

It looks like Kaleb Cowart isn’t the only Angels farmhand who enjoys waking up too early for his own good just to go sit in the woods for hours on end. Fellow Georgians Cam Bedrosian and former Angels minor leaguer Will Smith are also fans of the outdoors.

Will Smith, you may recall, was shipped to Kansas City in the blockbuster Alberto Callaspo trade along with Sean O’Sullivan. Bedrosian, the 2010 first round draft pick has had a rough go of it so far in professional baseball. He missed all of 2011 with Tommy John Surgery. Then came back in 2012 with mixed results. A top pitcher in a farm system filled with exciting young arms that’s more bare than Mother Hubbard’s cupboard, some would think Cam would be better off resting this offseason. But the allure of venison and it’s delicious dryness can be too strong sometimes.

I don’t mind if Cam wants to spend his down time stalking deer with a bow and arrow for a couple of reasons. 1.) I’m not impressed with him as a starter so what do I care if he isn’t getting any rest. 2.) On a slow news day/week, having his and Smith’s twitter conversation show up on my twitter line allows me to mix and match whatever words I can find to fill up space on this blank page. And it also allows me to use my new ability to screenshot (hat tip to Mike Engel at Kings of Kauffman for the phone lesson).

First off, haha at the 4:00 AM wake up call. Mine is five, because I hunt close to my home. Three cheers for living near the woods. Secondly, if you see an eight point buck, get to it. C.) Will, you’re a pitcher. You don’t bat. I find it hard to believe you are striking out right now. Lastly, what’s with the “keep square” thing? Is that iPhone lingo? Is Cam calling Will an L-7 weenie? I think I’m going to need a judges ruling on this.

All things being equal, I’m glad Cam is unwinding from the season, every player needs it. Even if it does mean that PETA will probably have open protests outside the Big A this year. And who knows, maybe, someone out there in the quiet cold of the wilderness in between moments where he can guess what shape his visible breath is making he’ll find a way to improve on a season where he walked more batters than he struck out, posted an ERA of 6.31 and had a WHIP if 1.730 in 82.2 innings. I’m not counting on it, but, you know, it could happen. I mean, stranger things have happened.