Angels Closing in on Deal With Ryan Madson According to John Heyman

By Michael Hllywa

Jon Heyman is reporting that the Angels are close to a deal with reliever Ryan Madson.

September 26, 2011; Atlanta, GA, USA; Philadelphia Phillies relief pitcher Ryan Madson (46) delivers a pitch against the Atlanta Braves during the ninth inning at Turner Field. The Phillies defeated the Braves 4-2. Mandatory Credit: Dale Zanine-US PRESSWIRE

In case you are wondering why the picture is of Madson in a Phillies uniform, it is because after signing with the Reds last year, Madson underwent Tommy John Surgery. According to Heyman, Madson did all of his rehabbing this past year with Angels doctors. Heyman is also reporting that the polar ice caps are melting at a faster than normal rate.

Heyman is also reporting that Madson wants to close. Which is ideal for him since Closers make more money with that “Experienced Coser” tag attached to their name. And considering the Reds are deep in talks with Jonathan Broxton and have Aroldis Chapman (who was stupid good in 2012), the chances of Madson closing after surgery last year are slim to none. Heyman also reports that slim is packing it’s bags as we speak. Seriously, this guy is everywhere.

Personally, a deal with Madson is not the worst thing Dipoto could go and do. We could still use a LOOGY so that Nick Maronde can head back to the minors this year and work on his changeup and solidifying himself as a premier, and creating a little more depth for our rotation. Heyman didn’t report that the Angels farm system is thin of pitching, that was Buster Olney. Where were you on that one John?

Ryan Madson’s last three years in Philly look like this:

He's on the wrong side of 30, so I wouldn't expect that 10.9 K/9, but striking out a batter an inning is essential if you want to be an elite reliever. And that WHIP, I'm not saying I'm falling in love with him, but we could make some bad decisions.

If the reports stay accurate (And Heyman always has the inside dope when it comes to a Scott Boras client), and it stays at a one-year deal (hopefully in the 4-5 million dollar range) I'll be OK with this. But Dipoto's work is far from done, there's still that Zack Greinke guy out there.