Are The Angels Done Adding Players?

By Jason Evans

Jerry Dipoto seems to be very content with the moves he’s made over the past week. He acquired two starters in Joe Blanton and Tommy Hanson and added to the bullpen with Sean Burnett. Should he be so content?

Aug 30, 2012; Anaheim, CA, USA; Los Angeles Angels pitcher

Zack Greinke

(23) pitches against the Boston Red Sox during the second inning at the Angel Stadium of Anaheim. Mandatory Credit: Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Well, as everyone has said all week, nothing else really moves until Zack Greinke makes his decision. Even though it looks more and more like he will go to Texas and even though Dipoto said we are prepared to move on without him, I’m sure the Angels would take him back in a heartbeat. They could drop Hanson and Blanton a spot and have Garrett Richards pitch in AAA and be there for depth, something the Angels could probably use a little more of.It’s kind of rare that a team is totally done in early December, but it’s possible the Angels are. I could still see them adding Brandon McCarthy or someone like that to the rotation to give them some extra depth, or maybe adding someone to the bench. I do think they are close to being done though.

Everything hinges on what Greinke decides to do, just like how everything else in the free agent and trade market does. If something comes the Angels way, I’m sure Dipoto will look at it, however, I don’t see what else they can really do. Could they do something like sign Michael Bourn and trade Richards and Peter Bourjos to the Mets For R.A. Dickey like Chris Rose talked about on Intentional Talk yesterday? Sure, but I don’t think that’s something Dipoto is really interested in doing, considering the cost for both.

What you see as the Angels roster right now, may be what you get come opening day.