Angels Opt Out Of MLB Deal With Stubhub

By Jason Evans

MLB and Stubhub agreed to a new deal as the offical secondary marketplace for MLB yesterday. The minimum a ticket can be sold for is $6 as a part of the agreement. A lot of teams were unhappy about the prices that some of the tickets were being sold for. Three of those teams, the New York Yankees, the Los Angeles Angels and Chicago Cubs, opted out of working with Stubhub. There were various reports last year how the Yankees were very unhappy about their dealings with Stubhub. There are other reports saying both the Yankees and Angels are going to have their own deals with Ticketmaster to be their secondary market.

First of all, I find it interesting that the Angels are following the Yankees and Cubs in the opt-out and may each have deals with Ticketmaster. I guess if they think they can make more money in this deal, they have the right to do it. I’m kind of surprised that these teams were allowed or even had the option to do so. I’m sure the commissioner’s office isn’t too pleased about it.

Look, we all buy tickets from secondary markets. First of all, they end up being cheaper than buying it direct from the team. Why spend $30 on a ticket direct from the team when you get it for $12 in a secondary market. I’m sure the teams want control over the prices of tickets which is certainly in their right. It’s going to be something to monitor once the season opens. You have to wonder if it may hurt the team’s attendance.