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Angels Are 17/2 Lock To Win World Series


Anticipating a windfall of Christmas cash? Cleaned up this year in dreidel spinning? Flushed with money because you stiffed your relatives for the holidays since the world is going to end anyway? Well, do I have a surefire investment opportunity for you! Depending on how much money you send me, you get a place on the pyramid. Then.. Bovada has released its updated baseball futures and there is money to be won. You can predict baseball, right?

Wanna be rich like this guy? (Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports)

The Angels are almost the favorites to win the World Series. Coming in at 17/2, the Halos are only behind the Blue Jays (15/2) and tied with the Dodgers. So if you just put down $100 and the Angels win the World Series, you’d have..seventeen…cross multiply…solve for…well, it would be more than you have now. I’d count it out but I’ve lost several fingers in unrelated speculative sports investment opportunities. But this one. This one is can’t miss, you guys.

After the World Series, the Bovado line had the Angels at 12/1 with the Tigers as 6/1 favorites. But the Hot Stove League rearranged the betting landscape of MLB along with the Angels rotation. Gone are Dan Haren and Ervin Santana with Tommy Hanson, Jason Vargas and Joe Blanton slotting in in some order. The Angels added Ryan Madson and Sean Burnett to bolster the bullpen. Always the mystery team, the Halos big splash was signing Josh Hamilton away from division rival Texas. I can’t see how the Angels don’t win the World Series.

Get your money in now, people, before Vegas realizes how much money they stand to lose and lower the odds

I strongly advise against putting money on the oh-so-tempting 200/1 Houston Astros. If the Astros win the World Series making you filthy rich, you will likely face the drowning bucket for being a witch.