10 Predictions For The Los Angeles Angels In 2013

By Jason Evans

For my last post of 2012, I’m going to make a few bold predictions about 2013. Why not ring in the new year with some predictions about what can happen in the new one. So here we go, a few predictions about what the Angels 2013 will look like.

First of all, the Angels will make a move or two in January. I can’t see them going the entire month not making a single move. They’ll add someone.Secondly, Vernon Wells will not be traded. His contract is too big. Even if they pay 95% of it no one wants him. I actually think he’ll perform pretty well as the team’s fourth outfielder this year.

Third: Albert Pujols will have a better season. It’s not going to take him a month to hit a home run and he should be able to hit anywhere between 35-45 home runs this season.

Fourth: Josh Hamilton will miss 20-30 games this year. He always has little ailments here and there. Even so, 130 games of Josh Hamilton is better than 162 of a lot of players

Fifth: Mike Trout will be good, but not as good as he was last season. Last season was historic and you have to expect some sort of regression.

Sixth: Each starter will win above 12 games but Joe Blanton

Seventh: Ryan Madson won’t start the season as the closer and miss about a month

Eighth: The Angels Make A Trade For Johan Santana at the deadline

Ninth: Mark Trumbo will make the all-star team again

Tenth: The Angels will make the postseason

Those are my 10 predictions. What are yours? Happy New Year.