Should The Los Angeles Angels Try To Trade For Giancarlo Stanton?

By Jason Evans

News broke this weekend that the Miami Marlins would be willing to listen to offers on star slugger Giancarlo Stanton. Earlier in the off-season, the Marlins traded anyone making any money to the Toronto Blue Jays. Stanton wasn’t pleased to say the least. Stanton is under team control and is becoming one of the most feared sluggers in the game. Should the Angels consider a trade for him? Would they?

Well for one thing, I don’t think the Angels are going to make a run at him, however, no one saw them signing Josh Hamilton either. Jerry Dipoto likes to be very stealthy when it comes to moves, so who knows what kind of thing he is capable of. I still can’t see them doing this, but what would it take to get it done.Well Mark Trumbo would be a good start to the package. He’s a young power hitter as well, not as good as Giancarlo, but he can put the ball out with the best of them. They can put him in the outfield, or at first base, depending on what they want to do with Logan Morrisson. There were rumors of him possibly being dealt, those seem to have quieted down.

How about C.J. Cron too? He can be their first baseman of the future. As I talked before, Cron is blocked at first base. While I don’t like trading a prospect like this, for a guy like Stanton I would make an exception.

How about Nick Mutz? He’s a couple of years away, but could give the Marlins another arm in their farm system. He’ll be going into his first full season of ball, so this year may be an adjustment for him, however, he’s ranked in the top 10 of the Angel system for a reason.

Could this be enough to get it done? Maybe. Will the Angels do something like this? Probably not, however, never count the Angels out of doing something that they think can help the team.