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Player Weight Is A Big Topic At Los Angeles Angels Camp


A hot topic about the Los Angeles Angels yesterday, after the big three’s press conference, was that of player weight, specifically, Josh Hamilton and Mike Trout. Hamilton came into camp 15 pounds lighter than usual, while Mike Trout gained 10-15 lbs in the off-season.

Dec 15, 2012; Anaheim, CA, USA; Newly signed Los Angeles Angels outfielder Josh Hamilton is introduced during a press conference at Downtown Disney. Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

If people want to think that Hamilton’s weight loss has something to do with PED’s than fine, do that. Until I see a positive test, I’m not going to buy into that theory. We can’t assume everyone is doing it, because there are clearly people who aren’t doing it. The guy seems like he’s trying to take better care of his body since he destroyed it with his earlier drug use. He cut out the tobacco he used to chew and is drinking different juices and things like that to better things in his body. There’s nothing wrong with doing that. Even if someone was to ask him about PEDs, you really think he’s going to say that he did PED’s but that’s over with? C’mon.

Trout put on weight and reported at 240. First of all, the guy is built like a tank and at 21 years old, can go and eat anything/everything he wants and work out and put on weight. His dad even said he eats six hamburgers at a time. Are we going to suspect him too? It’s all a little bit ridiculous.

We shouldn’t worry about what weight people report to training camp in. Their weight is going to fluctuate throughout the season due to how much they play and the grind of the season. Let’s not jump to conclusions and give people the benefit of the doubt before we try to vilify someone.