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Writers Wanted: Join Team HH

By Aaron Somers

Follow the Angels? Think you’re knowledgeable enough about the team to write about them? Want to do so here, at Halo Hangout?

We’re on the lookout for some new staff here at HH once again – and there are multiple positions available. If you’re passionate about the team, possess enough knowledge to be comfortable writing about them with regularity, and desire a platform that will offer up a number of exposure opportunities then complete our network’s application today to join the team. We’ll be in touch from there to discuss the positions in greater detail and answer any questions that you might have.

Some of those positions include:

Post Game Report Writer

Game’s over? Have something to say with nowhere to say it? Have a firm hold on the idea of being witty? Let us know.

SABR Slanted analysis

We’re down with the math, yo. Fangraphs, Baseball-Reference, Baseball Prospectus, whatever your fancy. There is always room for forward thinking here at HH.

Female Staff Writer

Now, before you pull out the “Mike’s a bigot” signs, hear me out. Take a look at the roster on the front page, it’s a bunch of dudes. It is literally nothing but empty beer cans and bags of chips. We cannot be left alone for one second. We need a lady’s touch to help keep us in line.

As always, we are looking for additional Staff Writers to add original content. This is an unpaid role and the expectations of the role will often vary from writer to writer – depending on your interest and availability. Most of our network’s Staff Writers typically offer up a post or two per week.