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By Michael Hllywa

Man, The YMCA. I love that song. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

10 things that you didn’t know about Howie Kendrick, Scott Downs has himself a boo boo and, looking into how May’s schedule could be the Angels best friend. I’m feeling rather chipper this morning, maybe it has something to do with not losing to those who wear white shoes up north. Either way, let’s dive into it.

10 Things to Know About Howie Kendrick

Am I the only one who is glad that the nickname “Sloppy” didn’t follow him to the big leagues? Even though, sometimes, one is justified in calling him that anyway.

Money Quote:

"“I gave up pitching right when I got out of high school,” he said. “I knew I was never going to be a pitcher, 5’10” throwing 86 (miles per hour). No. No chance.”"

I don’t know, man. Have you seen Tim Lincecum‘s declining velocity?

Downs Uncertain After Leaving With Rib Pain

And the hits, they just keep on a-coming. To be honest, Scott Downs has seemingly found a new and random way to get hurt each season, so for him to miss time isn’t exactly a shocker. But the bullpen is depleted enough, another injury was obviously the last thing they needed. Maybe open tryouts are in the Angels future. Probably not, but maybe.

Angels Call May Day, Hope the Schedule Can Salvage the Season

Garrett Wilson is wonderful because, his brain never fully allows him to go full pessimist. One should never go full pessimist. I hadn’t looked at the May schedule until now. I really, really, really like the May schedule. Of course, this could all mean nothing and the Angels really are going to be this terrible all season, but, like I said, one should never go full pessimist.

Money Quote:

"They also face the lowly Astros seven times, one of just two teams that the Angels have actually won a series against this season."

Man, with all this losing going, I had totally forgotten that the Astros were in the AL West. Praise the lord and pass the ammunition.

The Seven Most Mammoth Home Runs of April

Mark Trumbo, that is all……Well, and a video of course. I mean, who doesn’t like to watch a good baseball murder?

That poor, poor baseball.

MLB Offseason “Winners” Find April is the Cruelest Month

OK, we get it, sheesh. The Angels have been bad. Like, really bad. Josh Hamilton is doing his best Albert Pujols circa April 2012 impersonation. The bullpen is still a hindrance. And this starting rotation frightens absolutely nobody. But did you really have to include the team in an article with the Dodgers? I mean, that’s just rude.

Mike Scioscia’s Pitchers Mound Visit Revisited

Yeah, so, I don’t get to watch many games. I work late, and even on the east coast, it’s rare that I get home before the final out is recorded. With that being said, I’m glad I missed this. Mike Scioscia‘s seat should be getting hotter with each loss, and I’m sure that the Scioscia haters were all over him for this.