Link Hangout

By Michael Hllywa

It was just one of them days, I guess. Mandatory Credit: Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Are the Angels problems in the stars, a disastrous bullpen and, maybe there is talent down in AAA that can help the team. So, last night was tough, right? Joe Blanton finally showed up and did work, only to have the Angels offense get worked over. This is one of the downsides to living on the east coast, the games keep you up much later than you would like, and sometimes, they keep you up late for nothing.

Are the Angels Problems in the Stars?

If by “stars,” Rev means, certain players making certain amounts of millions of dollars, then, yes. In other news, Jered Weaver is a libra as well. Maybe him and I can hang out one of these days. No? Well, it’s worth wondering I suppose.

The Angels Bullpen Is A Disaster

Well, that’s putting it mildly. Of course, the adjectives I would use to describe the team’s bullpen would get me into trouble if I were to use them here, so, there’s that I guess.

Money Quote:

"In an almost comical twist, the Halos were actually carrying four left-handed relievers last week. If Downs lands on the DL, injuries and demotions will leave the bullpen with ZERO left-handed pitchers. They are literally running out of relievers."

Oh sweet, sweet irony.

Daily Notes: Largely concerning Ervin “Magic” Santana

You remember this guy, right. We traded him away for salary relief and a pitcher that had to undergo Tommy John Surgery at the conclusion of spring training. Doesn’t ring a bell? He gave up a league leading 39 home runs last year. Still nothing? Well, it seems like Ervin Santana is, so far, having the time of his life in Kansas City. He has already produced 0.8 fWAR (was worth -1.0 fWAR last year) and he has a sparkling ERA of 2.00. Add into that that his K/9 is back up near 8.0, and it would seem that trading him may have been a little short sighted. Of course, we all got to know Ervin’s maddeningly inconsistent ways in his time in Anaheim, so it could just be that the change of scenery is what he needed. But, wouldn’t it be nice to have this kind of performance on the Angels staff right now?

Searching For Talent at the AAA Level

Just in case you would like to be depressed about the depth that the organization currently has, here you go.

Angels Testing Einstein’s Definition of Insanity

My first thought when I saw this was: “Scott Miller is trolling Angels fans.” Then I read it, damnit Scott.

At least it’s not snowing in Southern California, in May…