Josh Hamilton Gets A Day Off, Fans Rejoice

By Michael Hllywa

So far this season, the Angels have played 29 games. They have played these 29 games over the course of 33 days. And of those 29 games over these previous 33 days, Josh Hamilton has started each and every one of them.

Whaddya say Betsy? Want to go grab a bite since we have the day off? Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

And it’s been a painful stretch of games at that. Josh has struggled mightily thus far in 2013 to the tune of a .208/.252/.292 slash line, and April was only the third time in his career that he’s posted an OPS below .800 for a month. It’s not quite the start to the season I’m sure he thought he would have, and for fans, it eerily resembles the struggles that Albert Pujols went through to start the 2012 season. His defense hasn’t suffered any, which is nice I suppose, but he did have the most boneheaded play of the year so far for the Angels (Which says a lot considering he is teammates with Erick Aybar).

So why does this matter? Why do any of us matter? Why are we matter? Sorry. Well, the Angels lineups were announced, a little while ago And for the first time all season, there was a certain name missing from the lineup card…

HOT DAMN! Thank the lord and pass the ammunition. I never though that I would be this excited to see such a big name being omitted from the lineup, and no Vernon Wells did not count. So sit back, relax and kick your feet up Angels fans. And know, that this afternoon, you wont have to suffer through watching Hamilton strike out on any offspeed pitches that are low and away.