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By Michael Hllywa

Steals coming easy against the Angels, Ryan Madson is throwing (again) and, Mark Trumbo doesn’t want to be labeled. Hopefully I am not the only one developing a twitch due to how embarrassing this team has been so far this season. I probably am, but I hope I’m not. If only so that I can join a support group sometime in the near future.

May 4, 2013; Anaheim, CA, USA; Los Angeles Angels right fielder Mark Trumbo (44) hits a two run home run in the seventh inning against the Baltimore Orioles at Angel Stadium of Anaheim. Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Angels’ Mark Trumbo Doesn’t Want to be Labeled

And I don’t want to label you as a streaky power hitter either, Mark. But, as evidenced by your epic slump in the second half last season. You’re going to have to prove that you are not a streaky, feast or famine type of hitter.

Steals Coming Easy for Angels’ Opponents

Along with the pitching, this was one of the biggest question marks coming into 2013. Chris Iannetta has always been known as a cerebral catcher with good behind the plate skills. Hank Conger has made strides on his defense behind the plate, but still has a ways to go. What neither of them have ever done very well, is control the running game, and that is being exposed to the fullest extent by their opponents.

Angels’ Ryan Madson Begins Bullpen Session

Again. He’s starting, again. This is becoming tiresome. It feels like Madson and his agent Scott Boras are simply trolling Angels fans. I’m getting to the point where I honestly don’t expect Madson to be ready until right around the All-Star break. Which is really too bad considering the current state of the Angels bullpen.

Might be Time For Scioscia to Leave

Well hello there, Mr. Rosenthal. These articles were bound to surface sooner or later. At least it’s not a “We need to fire Mike Scioscia, like now, you guyz” type write up.

VIDEO: Ken Rosenthal talks about what is wrong with the Angels

Ken Rosenthal is a busy, busy man, people. But I apologize up front, the wee little Rosenthal, is not wearing a bow tie in this video. Saddening, I know.