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By Michael Hllywa

Angels match worst start in team history, who (between Josh Hamilton and Albert Pujols) is under more pressure and, for one blogger, the time is now for Mike Scioscia and the Angels to part ways. Normally, I fear off days. I gear up for an Angels game to get me through the latter part of each work day. But when there’s no baseball, I’m forced to be *gasp* productive. But after the last week and a half of fail, I welcomed the chance to not be let down.

HA! That Hank, he’s a riot. Mandatory Credit: Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

The time is now for Scioscia and the Angels to Part Ways

Say it it ain’t so,


Garrett? Say it ain’t so? Mr. Wilson has been pulling the “Ease up on Scioscia” bandwagon since May of last year, so to see him waver and cave in to the “fire Scioscia” crowd, really is saying something.

Angels Match Worst Start in Team History

11-20, everyone. Let that sink in. A team that was supposed to compete for a World Series title this year, has now matched it’s worst start in franchise history. This is also better known as, Articles from 2012.

Will the Angels Place Albert Pujols on the DL

Mike Scioscia scoffs at your idea that Albert Pujols will spend any time on the DL. I’m almost certain that there is something concerning “Pujols” and “Not going on the DL” in the Scioscialistic Doctrine.

Who has More Pressure to Perform, Josh Hamilton or Albert Pujols?

Personally, I think it’s neither. The part of the team that should be worrying the most, and feeling the crushing weight of pressure, is the pitching. It doesn’t matter how much the Angels hit right now, the pitching is more than willing to give the game back to the opposition. And if this trend continues in Houston, no furniture will be safe.

Some Angels Have No-Trade Clauses

Don’t worry Rev, at this point, those aren’t the players that GM’s are jockeying for position to get their hands on. We’re stuck with our high priced talent for the duration.

Always Look on the Brighter Side of Life

Cheer up, and back away from the ledge. There still is plenty of time, and we shouldn’t be panicking yet. But, as a contingency, I do have the glass raised and my hand hovering over the panic button. Just in case.

Money Quote:

"I always imagine Terry Smith doing this show and drinking a la Bob Uecker in “Major League.” I know I would."

And now, so do I.