Link Hangout

By Michael Hllywa

Angels have nowhere to go but up, right? Also, an extension suggestion for one Mark Trumbo and, Josh Hamilton is staying calm. How any of us have made it through the last couple of weeks, is beyond me. My hat is off to Minnesota Twins and Houston Astros fans, you guys deal with this stuff on a regular basis.

May 7, 2013; Houston, TX, USA; Los Angeles Angels designated hitter Mark Trumbo (44) hits a home run during the first inning against the Houston Astros at Minute Maid Park. Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Extension Suggestion: Mark Trumbo

This is a fantastic idea. Another reason to be skeptical about Trumbo is that he does his disappearing act each season. If Mark is able to remain consistent this season, I would fully expect the Angels to try to pull something like this off, and I would be the first to applaud the deal.

Money Quote:

"Since the Angels went and pissed off Trout’s agent by low-balling him in his contract renewal, that means they’ll have to move on to a lesser target. That would be one Mark Trumbo."

I had almost completely forgotten about the whole “low-balling Mike Trout because he is basically an indentured servant to the team at this point on his career” thing.

Josh Hamilton Staying Calm in Face of His Deep Slump

This can also be referred to as, Josh Hamilton being too blessed to stress. We all remember how well that worked out for Vernon Wells, right? Personally, I would rather Josh get a little emotional. He’s being paid, a lot of money, to be a productive middle of the order bat. And, up to this point, he’s been Jeff Mathis.

Money Quote:

"Nothing has clicked this season for Hamilton, who went hitless in four at-bats with two strikeouts Tuesday night and is batting .202 with a .248 on-base percentage, .287 slugging percentage, two homers, nine runs batted in and 40 strikeouts through 32 games."

Jeff Mathis. Brandon Wood. Whichever.

Madson feels for Jays’ Happ

For those of you who didn’t see it yesterday, J.A. Happ got wrecked by a Desmond Jennings line drive (Video below). Ryan Madson was a teammate of Happ’s in Philadelphia. So, naturally, he is concerned, as were the rest of us.

That’s just, I mean…wow.

Ankiel’s Exit Creates Void in Astros Locker Room

Now, this would be an interesting move. I understand that Rick Ankiel and the 25 home runs that he hit in 2008 were a mirage. But, I’m pretty sure that we can all agree that he would be an upgrade over J.B. Shuck. And, if the team needs a pitcher in a pinch, well, they’re covered.

Angels Have Nowhere to go But Up

Or left, or right. Or, they could be stuck in quicksand and are incapable of moving at all. Hopefuly, HOPEFULLY, this is rock bottom. But that is no guarantee. And I’m not the only one who thinks that because…

Nowhere To Go But Up? I Disagree!

Nothing like a good ol’ fashioned “FJM” to get the blood pumping.