Link Hangout

By Michael Hllywa

Erick Aybar looks to come back tonight, Tommy Hanson will miss another start and, Angels baserunning hasn’t been what it used to be. My apologiesfor the lateness of the links, work ran late last night, and I couldn’t sleep because of Chris Sale fastballs dancing in my head.

Fear the Ginger. Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Aybar Eyeing Monday Return Against Royals

I would say, “And not a moment too soon, either,” but Brendan Harris has been holding down the fort quite well in Aybar’s absence. Of course, the magic fairy dust is likely to wear off sooner or later. So, best to get him out of there before he turns into a pumpkin.

Hanson To Miss Another Turn In Rotation

Barry Enright will take Hanson’s spot again because, ginger power.

Take Heart, Dodgers and Angels Fans: Others Are Suffering Too

The Blue Jays are basically the 2012 Miami Marlins. And we all saw how well that worked. You know who else is suffering? The Astros, the aforementioned Marlins, the Mets. Fans don’t care that there is another team playing just as bad as ours. We just want our team to stop being bad at baseball.

Arte Moreno and His Angels Can’t Take the Heat

Tune in tomorrow when T.J. Simmers article, “How the Bat Boy is Affecting J.B. Shuck‘s Plate Discipline.”

Hamilton Changes Mindset to Counter Timid Approach

Timid? That’s what you call your approach, Josh? That’s as funny as your “Arlington isn’t a baseball town” line. Although, I, admittedly, liked that one better.

Money Quote:

"“I was being too timid,” Hamilton said recently. “I was trying not to strike out. I was trying to make contact, and I wasn’t being myself.”"

Josh was “trying to not strike out.” Yet, somehow, he managed to rack up 44 in 36 games played. SMH.

Angels Baserunning Hasn’t Been What It Used To Be

That’s because players are conducting open auditions to fill Torii Hunter‘s role of boneheaded base runner. There are going to be some ugly auditions, but I have faith that this team will choose the right man for the job. This is what they’re talking about, right?

Money Quote:

"Through Saturday, the Angels made 14 outs on the bases and were caught stealing on 11 of 23 attempts, their 25 total outs on the bases the third-most in baseball behind Milwaukee (27) and Houston (26)."