Link Hangout

By Michael Hllywa

Arte Moreno talks about Mike Scioscia‘s job security and suggests who should take the blame for the season so far, Albert Pujols isn’t blaming the pain for his dip in power and, just how long should we expect Ryan Madson to be out on rehab assignment? After 40 games last season, the Angels were 18-22. So far this season, they are 15-25. This is getting tiring.

What’s that Jerry? Mark Pryor is available? Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Arte Moreno: “Zero Chance Mike Scioscia Fired in-season”

Sounds like the same thing that Moreno said last year about the Big Catorce. But the key words to that headline could be “in-season.” I might be reading too much in that, but I might not be.

Money Quote:

"“If everybody on the team was hitting .300, and the pitchers were undefeated, and all our relievers had done a good job and we’d made no errors, we wouldn’t be in this conversation,”"

Oh, man. Wouldn’t that be nice.

Moreno Also Willing to Take Blame For the Angels Slow Start

OK, fair enough. But not a word has been said about Jerry Dipoto so far in these interviews. I really like the way that Dipoto brings in a new perspective with his position compared to that of the old guard. It would be a shame to lose that, all because Dipoto inherited a team that had been gutted prior to his taking the job.

Pujols Not Blaming Balky Knee, Foot For Dip In Power

Pujols doesn’t want to make excuses, great. That doesn’t mean that he should be seeing any time at first base. He’s not getting any healthier standing on the field, and it might be high-time that the Angels consider putting him on the DL for two weeks.

Jason Vargas, the One Thing Jerry Dipoto Got Right

To be fair, he also got DFA’ing Bobby Abreu right, which in turn means he got the ascension of Mike Trout right. Not trading Peter Bourjos was the right call, not to mention Ernesto Frieri. But yes, as far as this season goes, Jason Vargas has not been a miss. Which has been very pleasant.

Hamilton’s Bat Comes Around as he Battles Sinus Issue

I have to admit, it was nice seeing Josh Hamilton hit a home run off of a team not named the Houston Astros, and a monster one at that. But he followed it up with a relatively quiet game last night. One of Hamilton’s calling card’s during his career has been a hot streak that carries a team, I’m dying to see one of those while he wears Angel red.

Madson to Make Additional Rehab Stop at AAA

So he’s close right? or…..

Angels Plan to Keep Rehabbing Reliever Ryan Madson in the Minore Leagues for “Several Weeks”

Head. Desk. Well, at least he’s finally out on rehab assignment, right? I might there has to be a bright side to this. He can’t miss the whole season, can he?