Two Guys Doing an Angels Podcast With Mike and Kevin: Episode 15

By Michael Hllywa

It’s that time of week again. No, not Special Magazine Day, it’s time for the Why The Hell Not Podcast with myself and Kevin Lappin of LA Angels Insider.

(Photo Credit: MLB.COM)

Kevin and I tackle the tough topics like, being awake for hours straight and changing clothes while podcasting about the Angels. We also touch on the lesser known topics like Ryan Madson, Jered Weaver and the rehab assignments that await them in the near future. We discuss Torii Hunter‘s crazy adjustment to baesball and whether or not it is sustainable. Personally, I’m missing Torii more and more each day especially with how he has almost completely re-invented himself as a baseball player. I also try to get to Kevin to talk bad about his favorite off season signing, Joe Blanton.

Tune in every week as Kevin and I continue to make utter fools of ourselves for your entertainment. You can follow both of us on twitter. Kevin is at @kevinlappin and I am at @mike_hllywa. You can tweet us questions there about the Angels, baseball and how to properly groom a two-toed sloth. or you can send us an email to: whythehellnotpodcastlaai(at)gmail(dot)com.

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