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By Michael Hllywa

Is Jerry Dipoto‘s rotation plan flawed or unlucky, Chris Iannetta credits patience for helping break out of his slump and, he and Mike Scioscia are working hard together adjusting to the influx of new pitchers. So, last night’s game hurt. As late as the eighth inning, the Angels had the lead and who would’ve guessed that the winning run would score on a walk to a hitter that had yet to walk all season long. Of course, considering how this season is going, I shouldn’t have been surprised.

We’re having rigatoni instead of fried ziti tonight, on the postgame spread, skip. Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Dipoto’s Rotation Plan: Flawed or Bad Luck?

Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. And in the case of the Angels pitching staff this season…..well, nothing has gone right.

Patience Helps Iannetta Break Out of Slump

One of the best things about the Iannetta pick-up when it happened, was that the Angels were getting a player with above-average on-base abilities. Why Chris deterred from one of his greatest strengths is a mystery to everyone. But lately, he’s been getting back on track with his plate discipline. Which is wonderful because, this team doesn’t need automatic outs in the lineup when it’s pitching can’t be trusted with a lead of any size.

Money Quote:

"In the past seven days, Iannetta walked seven times and raised his on-base percentage, which dropped to as low as .279 during his slump, to .325."

He also has more walks than hits this season. So….yeah.

Angels Call up Pitchers Brasier, Buckner

The merry-go-round continues. Don’t get too attached to Ryan Brasier and Billy Buckner though. They are just more of what we have seen already. Except in the case of Robert Coello. Who saw that one coming?

Money Quote:

"“I think just to get some fresh arms here is important,” Angels manager Mike Scioscia said. “Our roster is definitely a living organism right now. It keeps moving, it keeps rotating.”"


The 2013 Angels in a Nutshell

I was going to write something this weekend about how Michael Kohn has been simply amazing since coming back from Tommy John Surgery. But then this happened. Because, of course.

The Worst Umpiring Gaffes of the Year

I’ll bet you can’t guess why this is linked.

Is Hamilton’s Angels Tenure Straight Out of Hell?

Josh Hamilton has to be Mike Trout in order to hit this author’s projected 2013 stats……(Bleep)

Scioscia, Iannetta Juggling Influx of Pitchers

With Iannetta’s injury history, I would rather he didn’t juggle pitchers who routinely weigh north of 200 lbs.

Money Quote:

"Fortunately for the Angels, Iannetta was able to establish at least brief connections with most of the younger pitchers during Spring Training, so the past few weeks have not been as daunting as one might expect."

Oh, that kind of juggling. Carry on.