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By Michael Hllywa

Josh Hamilton‘s allergies are not connected to his drug use, MLB is seeing more contract extensions and, Jered Weaver reportedly pitches free and easy in his simulated game yesterday afternoon.

Easy, easssssssy. I’m still a little blurry. Mandatory Credit: Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Josh Hamilton’s Allergies not Linked to Drug Use, Doctors Say

Well, that’s nice. Now, about this whole “not hitting like he’s supposed to thing. What say you, good Doctor?

Money Quote:

"“You have a hallway up the middle of your nose and sinus cavities on each side,” said Hamilton, whose addiction to drugs and alcohol led to a ban from baseball from 2003-2005. “When you breathe air, it goes up and down the hallway."

I’ve got to find a way to work this into a conversation with my kids. I just have too.

How Much Should the Angels be Encouraged by Josh Hamilton’s Turnaround?

This turnaround that you’re talking about, I haven’t seen it. He’s become a “meh” hitter, instead of being a terrible hitter, but he’s being paid to be a force in the heart of the order. This isn’t a turnaround, this is a blip.

Money Quote:

"Elsewhere, the decrease in Hamilton’s swinging-strike percentage has helped him cut down on his strikeouts. There actually haven’t been many of those lately, as he’s struck out in about 19 percent of his plate appearances since May 5, as opposed to 28 percent of his plate appearances before May 5."

OK. There is that. But an out is an out is an out. He needs to make less of them.

MLB Sees More Contract Extensions, Less Free Agency

The Player that was quoted early in this article, is exactly what is wrong with free agency, and it paints players as greedy, money-grubbing human beings. I understand getting paid, but if you get offered $75MM over five years, how much more do you really need?

Money Quote:

"“The biggest problem the union faces is that there should be more criteria and practical experience before agents can be qualified to represent players with the decisions at hand,” Boras said. “A large number of players believe that a social relationship is the primary foundation — in other words, ‘I like the guy,’ rather than qualifications."

Yup. Heaven forbid a player approach baseball like it’s a game when he’s being offered tens of millions of dollars.

The Worst of the Best: The Week’s Wildest Pitches

An Angels pitcher made the cut. But, which one?

The Halos Demons (The Angels Season From Hell)

I still like “Season of Doom.” But, “Season from Hell” has a nice ring to it as well.

Money Quote:

"I just wish the Angels would toughen up and say “it’s on like donkey kong” because for now, it looks like it’s on like Amanda Bynes at a rave."

Ohhhhhhhhhh. Burrrrrrrrrrrn.

How do These Starting Pitchers Still Have a Job?

Betcha can’t guess who made this list.

Weaver Pitches “Free and Easy” During Simulated Game

Free and easy? Great. Any word on the three-or-so MPH he lost on his fastball yet?