Two Guys Doing an Angels Podcast with Mike and Kevin: Episode 16

By Michael Hllywa

It’s our sweet 16 episode, and our daddy’s are buying us cars and throwing us a huge party at a posh resort in Laguna. The best part is, you are all invited. A man dressed as a Trojan soldier will be visiting you within the hour to hand you a gold leafed invitation. Let the horn players do their thing. Seriously, they weren’t cheap.

Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Trout has been on fire, and Chris Iannetta has been quietly productive, but who do we drool over more? We also talk about Kevin Jepsen and his nearing return to the Angels bullpen. We talk about how this team has been actually worth talking about over the last six games. Kevin hates relievers, but even he can’t help but admit that Robert Coello has been incredible so far this season.

You can find Kevin on twitter at @kevinlappin, he likes to be stalked. You can read his stuff at LA Angels Insider. You can tweet us questions about the Angels, baseball in general and the meaning of life as it pertains to grilled cheese sandwiches. Youc an also email us at: whythehellnotpodcastlaai(at)gmail(dot)com.

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