Link Hangout: Snapped Streak Edition

By Michael Hllywa

Tommy Hanson‘s return leaves Mike Scioscia with a choice, Jered Weaver set for Wednesday return and, Joe Blanton doesn’t fee like he has anything to prove. If the pitching holds up last night, this team is on a nine game winning streak. I guess you can’t expect your number two starter to maintain a five-run lead these days, can you?

Hanson’s Return Leaves Scioscia with Choice

For me, there isn’t much of a choice here. Blanton has been awful, and should be moved to the pen where he can do the least amount of damage. I guess these choices only become tough when a player is making millions of dollars and needs to be accommodated.

Jered Weaver Set to Return Wednesday Against Dodgers

This is only exciting if Weaver comes back and pitches like the Jered Weaver we have seen in the past, because he wasn’t inspiring a ton of confidence in fans before he went down with this injury. Player of the Week: Mike Trout

Congratulations, Mike Trout. I guess.

Money Quote:

"But, at the end of the day, production and results are the hallmarks of this particular weekly feature, and no one was more productive than Trout, who, by driving in or scoring 15 of Los Angeles’s 41 total runs, accounted for 36.6% of the Halos’ offensive production en route to earning his second POW nod of the season."

Mike Trout and runs. Sounds like a new ad campaign for Activia.

Hamilton Isn’t Surprised by Rangers Hot Start

He might not be, but I am. This isn’t the Tampa Bay Rays who seemingly get by on signing nomads and vagabonds each year. The Rangers have a near $100MM payroll, and have let key players walk in the last couple of years. Of course, they obviously knew something that no one else did, because a couple of them ended up in Anaheim, and, blech.

Angels’ Erick Aybar is Irate Over Umpire’s Call

So is everyone else who saw the replay. Of course, Gary Darling is standing by his decision so, there’s that. #RobotsNow

Dodgers, Angels Haven’t Spent Wisely, but at Least They’ve Spent

Well, I don’t know about you, but I know I feel all warm and toasty inside now. Most of the warmth though is coming from the stacks of one-hundred dollar bills that Arte is using in his fireplace.

Trout, Cabrera Could be Giving an Encore in What Could be a Season for the Ages

Sure, yeah, why not. Just don’t bring up the Mark McGwireSammy Sosa thing when referring to Mike Trout, mmkay?

Blanton Doesn’t Believe he has Anything to Prove

To himself? No. To A’s fans, who saw him be productive at the outset of his career? Probably not. To Phillies fans? He hit a home run in the World Series, he’s safe on Broad St. To Angels fans? He better believe that he has something to prove, especially since he is 1-8 with an ERA north of six.