Link Hangout: RIP Dr. Lewis Yocum

By Michael Hllywa

Sean Burnett heads back to the DL, the odds of hitting for the cycle and, Tommy Hanson returns. Dr. Lewis Yocum passed yesterday at the age of 66, succumbing to cancer. How large was Dr. Yocum’s presence in Major League Baseball? He was the Doctor that team’s sent their pitchers too when they were injured. Rest in peace Dr. Yocum.

Burnett Back to the DL with Elbow Injury

It’s not his surgically repaired UCL, so that’s good. But, this is his second trip to the DL this season. Hopefully after this trip he can stay on the roster for the rest of the season.

Money Quote:

"“Hopefully in 15 days I’m good to go,” Burnett said. “Kind of like the tin man that was a little squeaky.”"

Wah, wah, waaaaaahhhhhhh.

The Odds of Hitting for the Cycle

Lots and lots and lots of math. Like, boat loads of math. But, it turns out that Mike Trout is the most likely hitter to hit for the cycle. Whodathunkit?

Weaver Grateful for Yocum’s Guidance

Again, Yocum’s presence not only to baseball, but to the Angels specifically (he was the team’s orthopedist) cannot be understated.

Lewis Yocum Passes Away at 66

Yes, a giant in the world of sports medicine.

Hamilton Sits With Back Spasms

Back spasms are the suck, seriously. But, first it was allergies, now this. By a show of hands, who is starting to get annoyed with these little things?

The Angels are Finally Showing Signs of Life

Until the last two nights, this team has looked every bit like the team we expected to see coming into this season. It’s enough to inject confidence back into this blogger. Or maybe that’s the meds?

Angels Scored Two Runs on a Strikeout

It’s not just that the Angels scored two runs on a strikeout. It’s that Albert Pujols was the second run to score on said strikeout.

Bourjos Still a Couple Weeks Away

Hamstrings are tricky, but the fact that Peter Bourjos has started doing some form of sprinting, is a very good sign.

Tommy Hanson Returns to Angels

I hope that Hanson is OK. Every person ever, has had to deal with a death, and everyone deals with it differently. And I couldn’t begin to imagine what it is like to lose a younger brother. Best of luck to you going forward, Tommy. We’re in your corner.