Link Hangout – Goodbye May Edition

By Michael Hllywa

Howie Kendrick is on pace for a career year, Mark Trumbo is a utility player extraordinaire and, actions/reactions from the Freeway Series.

Kendrick on Pace for a Career Offensive Year

Maybe, this is the year that he finally clicks. He’s not going to win a batting title, and chances are that since I wrote that first sentence, he’s going to tank the rest of the year. Sorry, Howie. Sorry, everyone.

Angels’ Trumbo a Utility Player Unlike Others

With Trumbo’s power, it makes sense that Mike Scioscia has made every effort to get him into the lineup. At least they gave up on the “Third base experiment.” That was just, brutal.

Having Pujols pinch-hit for Hamilton was Never Considered

And why should it? Scioscia had already gone and raised the white flag when he handed in the lineup card that Brendan Harris penciled in to start at first base. Seriously, it’s two days later, and I’m still scratching my head because of that decision. Of course, I really shouldn’t be surprised by anything that Scioscia does anymore.

Trends With Trout

Because Mike Trout needs his own column. I’m kind of disappointed that I didn’t think about this before. *Beats head off of desk*

Minor League Rehab Assignment up Next for Bourjos

Which can mean only one thing. It’s time to really ramp up the “Why one Earth is Mike Scioscia Even Considering Moving Mike Trout out of Center Field in Favor of Peter Bourjos” articles. This week is going to be bad.

Actions, Reactions from Exciting Freeway Series

I had only one reaction. That is; the Angels didn’t lose the Freeway Series. That, is the only reaction that matters.