Link Hangout – Circling the Drain Edition

By Michael Hllywa

Angels orchestrate another Guinness World Record, Josh Hamilton and struggling and, what is going to happen to Jerome Williams?

Fans, Employees wig out at Stadium to set Record

So that’s 1, 2, 3 meaningless records that have been broken at Angels Stadium in the last three seasons. Seriously? This is what this team has turned into? A gimmick?

Angels Have Struggled Against New Rival Astros

Alden Gonzalez calls it “struggling.” I call it “sucking.” But we’re not here to discuss semantics. The Rangers and A’s have a combined 14-1 record against the Astros. The Angels are 3-5. Who would you consider a playoff team. And, “rival?” Yeah, methinks it’s a little early for that.

Hamilton Remains Confident He Will Find His Timing

Hamilton may be confident. But I’m not. It feels, oh, I don’t know, Vernon Wells-esque. He’s still hitting home runs on occasion, but he is also completely unreliable with a bat in his hands.

Rotation or Relief? Decision Looming for Williams

It’s not really Jerome Williams’ decision. The decision is Scioscia’s. And I have a terrible feeling that he is going to leave Joe Blanton in the rotation and move Williams to the pen.

Pitcher A.J. Schugel is on the Fast Track

If A.J. Schugel is on the fast track, it’s because of the lack of starting pitching depth in the Angels minor league system. Schugel is not an “Ace” type pitcher, he’s barely a mid rotation starter, at best. But, it is possible that we see him before this season is over.

Have we Seen the Last of a Dominant Albert Pujols?

Maybe. Of course, maybe he’s just struggling so bad this season because he wont TAKE ANY DAMNED TIME OFF FOR HIS ACHING KNEE AND PLANTAR FASCIITIS! Someone should really, just, grab Albert Pujols by the collar, and drag him to the DL. He’s started to kind of run better, why not force him out of action for a spell? Couldn’t hurt any worse than continuing to put him in the three-hole, right?