Link Hangout – Old People Need Rest

By Michael Hllywa

Mike Trout has faith in Josh Hamilton and Albert Pujols, can Jered Weaver cure the Angels pitching woes and, it’s that time of year when we start talking about the draft.

Trout Believes Hamilton, Pujols Will Find Their Groove

Ah, the enduring optimism of the youth. I hope that Hamilton and Pujols get their groove back But with each passing game, it feels less and less likely.

Can Weaver Cure Angels’ Pitching Woes

No. Why? He’s one starter. He pitches once every five days. And not to mention, the pitching staff had markedly improved in the two weeks prior to his return. The Angels need each portion of the team to “click.” And all at the same time.

Trout Leads AL Outfielders in All-Star Voting

Welcome to being at the top of the totem pole in the popularity contest Mr. Trout. Let us know what the drinks are like up there.

Vargas Named AL Pitcher of the Month

Congratulations, Jason Vargas. You Dirtbag, you.

Efren Navarro – Stuck in Minor League Purgatory

This is what happens when you are an all-glove, no-stick, first baseman like Efren Navarro is. It is also what happens when you are blocked by Albert Pujols, Mark Trumbo and C.J. Cron. Sorry, Efren.

Josh Hamilton: 365 Days…and Counting


Dodgers and Angels Spend Big Money on Big Names, but Still Lose

Big markets absorb ideas from small markets. But, apparently, this idea is taking it’s sweet time in getting to Southern California.

Angels Look to Reload System in Draft

One problem, they don’t get a pick until 58 players have already been selected. They will be selecting a lot of organizational fillers this year. There’s a non-zero chance that they get lucky and grab a player or two that can provide replacement level depth to the big league club, but I’m not to confident that it’s a lot higher than zero.