Link Hangout – Trying to be Positive Edition

By Michael Hllywa

Kevin Jepsen is riding a scoreless inning streak since coming off of the DL, Alberto Callaspo is trying to overcome some bad defense and, How to justify an All-Star vote for each Angels player.

Jepsen Riding Scoreless Streak Since Return from DL

Since returning, Kevin Jepsen has been “Good Kevin Jepsen.” Which is great, because “Bad Kevin Jepsen,” is really, really bad.

Callaspo Trying to Overcome Recent Spate of Errors

Four errors in the last three games compared to one in his previous 37. Yeah, um, I don’t know what gives.

Why I’m a Weaver Believer

An ode to Jered Weaver, kind of.

Angels Held a Team Meeting

By my count, that’s four. I think it’s time for Mike Scioscia to find a new way of getting to the players. Obviously, gathering the guys into a circle isn’t doing the trick. Maybe something like this will need to happen. By the way, that video is NSFW.

Scioscia Impressed with Coello’s Hybrid Pitch

I am also impressed with Robert Coello‘s crazy Forkleball. When it’s working. When it’s not working, he has to rely heavily on his fastball, which looks crazy hittable.

Husband Bails on Wife to Avoid Flying Bat at the Big A

I hope this guy enjoyed the cold dinner that was served to him on the floor the next night.

How to Justify Giving an All-Star Vote to Every Angel Player

I find zero flaws with the logic in this post. *Commences mindlessly voting for every Angels player*