Link Hangout – Death by One Thousand Papercuts

By Michael Hllywa

Peter Bourjos is expected back soon, Mark Trumbo felt that the team meeting was productive and, Jerome Williams is back in the bullpen.

Peter Bourjos to Take Over Center Field Duties Soon

Soon. Like, very soon. OK, kind of soon. According to the team’s site, Monday is looking like the day that Bourjos will be activated from the DL. But with how bad this team has been playing, the only real byproduct to Bourjos rejoining the squad, is that J.B. Shuck wont be starting anymore. Which means, no more silly puns involving his last name. Which makes me a little bit sad face.

Instant Replay Overturns Shuck’s Home Run

Of course, that doesn’t mean that the pun’s can’t get to the team’s official site first. “Aw, Shuck.” Nice.

Trumbo Feels Meeting Was Productive

Mark Trumbo has never been one to mince words with the media. He also is not prone to dishing out “cookie cutter” cliche’s either. So, chances are, if Trumbo feels that the closed door meeting that the team held after the final game of their series with Astros was productive, or uplifting, then it probably was. Or, he could be towing the company line. He probably isn’t, but, he could be.

What’s Not to Like About Trout in Front of the Camera

So long as he is not trying to be insightful, nothing.

Why Are the Angels so Bad

Well, it could be any number of reasons, really. Consistency though, mainly, has been the biggest culprit. The eight game winning streak that the team enjoyed, put on display the kind of juggernaut that this team could be. Problem is, that feels more like an aberration now, then a barometer for how this season is going to play out.

Halos Make Tough Call, Send Williams Back to the ‘Pen

I highly, highly doubt, that this was actually a “tough call.” Joe Blanton is turning into this year’s version of Steve Finley. The last time a pricey free agent was actually removed from his spot, it was Jeff Weaver. But by the time Mike Scioscia wised up, and inserted Jeff’s younger brother into his spot, it was already too late. If Blanton does end up getting removed from the rotation, it wont be until August. And if this team has found a way to claw it’s way back into the Wild Card race (Becuase, let’s face it, they aren’t winning the division), it will probably already be too late.