Angels Limp Into Beantown to Face Red Sox

By Michael Hllywa

After going 3-5 during a demoralizing homestand against the Dodgers, Astros and Cubs, the Angels (and their fans) got a much needed break from action on Thursday. Then, Mother Nature decided that one day was simply not enough, so, enter Tropical Storm Andrea. Everybody gets two days off, and the team gets to hang out another day before beginning their series with the Boston Red Sox on Saturday.

When it comes to the Red Sox, you’ll be hard pressed to find an Angels fan that is tolerant of that team’s existence. Most


conversations concerning the Beaneaters starts with the 1986 ALCS. Luckily, fans will always have the 2009 ALDS sweep to fall back on. But don’t get that confused with “love lost,” of which, there is none.

Game 1: Tommy Hanson vs. Felix Doubront

Thanks to the rainout, Friday’s game is now a 10:05 AM PST start time. Rise and shine early, west coasters. Hanson makes his second start since being activated from the restricted list, and hopes to have better results this time around. Doubront, hasn’t allowed more than two runs in each of his last four starts, which could be troublesome for an offense that has sputtered of late.

Game 2: C.J. Wilson vs. Clay Bucholz

The king of PMA, doesn’t seem to know which pitcher he wants to be this season. Is he the pitcher that is pounding the strikezone, inducing weak contact and putting away hitters when he is ahead in the count? Or, is he the pitcher that is prone to the meltdown inning? NOBODY KNOWS! One thing is for certain though, when he is up against a pitcher who is pitching as well as Bucholz has been this season, if he’s the latter, he’s a loser.

Game 3: Joe Blanton vs. Ryan Dempster

Chew on this, over his last three starts, Joe Blanton has an ERA below 3.00. He has been much better of late, and although I disagree with Mike Scioscia‘s decision to move Jerome Williams to the bullpen instead of Blanton, I can stomach it better than if this decision had taken place in the beginning of May. Dempster, on the other hand, has an ERA near 5.00 (4.76) over his last three starts. He was better in his last start against the Rangers, but he has been inconsistent all season.

A day-night doubleheader on Saturday and a day game on Sunday. What more could you ask for? Yeah, yeah. I know. A winning record.