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Joe Blanton is Nine Games Under .500, and So Are the Angels


His face is so impossibly small!

Yeah, yeah… I know… The Angels are now 10 games under .500. Thanks for that Joe West, who’s made it abundantly clear how he hates the Angels with every fiber of his overweight, blind, black-hearted being. And he loves to prove it every game he conspires against, I mean umpires for the Angels. He’s the umpiring equivalent of Joe Blanton.

And speaking of the baby-faced goatee’d one… as of his last start… he’s now 1-10, nine games under .500, and after his last loss, so were the Angels. Coincidence? Probably not. But it does feel like the Angels failures so far this season are mostly his fault, doesn’t it?

What’s it going to take to for Scioscia to send Blanton to the pen? Does he need to go 1-15? Will he actually lose 25-30 games this season for the Angels? In a conversation I had with the Angels fake GM on Twitter, “Not Jerry Dipoto,” he did stress that Wins and Losses don’t tell the whole story… To which I responded that of course he was right, and that there’s also the 5.87 ERA, 1.6+ WHIP, and 13 home runs he’s given up leading to that 1-10 record. There’s also the impression he gives in post-game interviews where it appears he generally doesn’t care whether he, or the Angels for that matter, win or lose… that he’s doing his best and that’s all that matters. Sure it does, Joe. Just keep telling yourself that.

What’s it going to take for Jerome to get the job?

I can’t imagine what’s going through Jerome Williams’ head lately. The flip side of this coin is what the heck does Jerome Williams need to do to earn a regular spot in the starting rotation? Williams has been as good as Blanton has been bad!

I know Blanton was brought in to be a starting pitcher and the organization needs to make a good faith effort to let him be productive and work through things…, but COME ON!!! When is enough, enough? I think every fan will agree we have more than given Blanton a fair shot.

Based on performance, and at this point we’ve got a pretty good sample size, a reasonable starting rotation would and should include Jared Weaver, Jason Vargas, Jerome Williams, C.J. Wilson, and Tommy Hanson.

And Blanton… at this point he should be pitching batting practice prior to every game, you know… to give Angels’ hitters confidence.

All kidding aside, Blanton does look solid for a few innings a game. Perhaps it’s not such a bad idea to give Blanton a look as a middle reliever. Who knows… he may just be effective and find his niche? Because… what he’s doing right now clearly is not working. At this point, every Blanton start is just about the equivalent of an automatic loss for the Angels.