Link Hangout – Quicksand Edition

By Michael Hllywa

Angels send Robert Coello to the DL and bring back Dane De La Rosa, Sean Burnett is shut down for the next month and, Ryan Madson thinks HGH could help him.

Angels Place Coello on DL, Recall De La Rosa

Well, I guess that explains why he has been so ineffective of late. /Pulls up article on Coello. /Deletes article about Coello. /Kicks cat.

Doctor Tells Angels Reliever, Burnett, to Rest

I just, I mean, I can’t even…/sobs. I really like what Burnett brings to the table. And it is really disappointing that he has missed so much time. /continues sobbing

Unbeaten Corbin Landed in Arizona by way of Anaheim

Wonderful. Patrick Corbin has been the exact opposite of Joe Blanton.

Picking the ALl-Stars: AL Edition

Of course Mike Trout is listed as a starter in this article. But Mark Trumbo gets shown a little love from Fangraphs, as the writer thinks he deserves to be a reserve. Which he does.

Peter Bourjos, the Latest Angels to Rob J.J. Hardy of a Home Run

Because watching Peter Bourjos rob J.J. Hardy of a home run is just too much fun.

Ryan Madson Wonders if HGH Could Help Him

It can’t. It’s been proven. By scientists and medical professionals. But, he’s not the only one who believes this. Tony LaRussa has said as much as well. This idea is also the “Pandora’s Box” of the HGH issue in baseball. If Major League Baseball were to allow it’s use in certain situations, who is to say that those situations wont bleed into the time when a player is not on the DL. A total and complete ban is the right decision. One point for Bud Selig. Which I will hold onto because eventually he is going to do something that warrants him losing said “point.”