Link Hangout – Celebration Edition

By Michael Hllywa

Joe Blanton‘s next start will be skipped, the Angels have 13 Minor League All-Stars and, Kevin Jepsen continues to be solid.

Blanton Wont Make Scheduled Start

RELEASE THE BALLOONS! This is like the birthday present I didn’t get last year. Even though Blanton has been markedly improved in three of his last four starts, his performance for the balance of the season does not make him worthy of a starting spot. Suffice to say, this news makes me a very happy camper.

Barren? Angels Have 13 All-Stars in Minors

The Arkansas Travelers are stacked this year. But I am a little bit disappointed that my favorite Minor Leaguer, Kaleb Cowart, isn’t on the All-Star roster.

Downs Morphing into Left-Handed Specialist

Mike Scioscia employing Scott Downs as a specialist, is good news. There’s a lot to be said about taking advantage of platoons, and there’s a lot to be said when a stubborn manager like Scioscia is using them.

2013 Blind Resume: Starting Pitcher

At least “Player B” isn’t Phil Hughes. That comp is depressing.

Kevin Jepsen Continues Solid Work With Angels

The best part, is that fans aren’t having to deal with “Bad Kevin Jepsen.” Because “Bad Kevin Jepsen” is just that, bad.