Link Hangout – Off Day, Slow Day Edition

By Michael Hllywa

Jason Vargas as a trade candidate, grading Jerry Dipoto‘s offseason pitching moves and, despite the struggles, the Angels are in it for the long haul.

Trade Candidate: Jason Vargas

Of all the possible trade candidates that reside in Anaheim right now, Vargas, and all of the different scenarios involving him (thanks to the CBA), make him the most interesting trade candidate.

Grading Dipoto’s Offseason Pitching Moves

In my opinion, the author of this isn’t being harsh enough to Dipoto. Joe Blanton, and all of his terribleness, drags the grade down to a solid “D” at the very least.

VIDEO: Trout and Bourjos discuss their home run robbing catches against J.J. Hardy

I was unaware that J.J. Hardy and Peter Bourjos were workout partners in the offseason. This should make for some interesting banter in the mess hall.

Trout, Harper, Machado and Staying Healthy

Putting my obvious bias in favor Mike Trout to the side, Manny Machado could be my favorite player on another team because of his age and ability. Bryce Harper is Byrce Harper. And he really is must see TV. But I would pose this question to the author: Trout looks well-defined, but not overly-built. If he doesn’t develop the power that we’ve seen, would he (the exec.) have called him a “physical strength guy?”

That Time Tebow Almost Became an Angel

And thank goodness this never happened. Could you imagine if Hank Conger had actually been able to learn how to properly “Tebow” from the man who made it a “thing?” Walk offs would never have been the same.

Struggling Angels in it for the Long Haul

I love when reporters talk to Mark Trumbo. He is easily one of the more well-spoken players in that clubhouse. But this “long haul” is getting longer and longer with each game.