Link Hangout – Two in a Row Edition

By Michael Hllywa

Peter Bourjos needs time to get back into his groove, Robert Coello can’t throw for four weeks and, what’s going on with Albert Pujols?

Angels’ Bourjos Needs Time to get Back into his Groove

Bourjos is 3-12 since coming off of the DL, so, yeah, he’s not hitting at the same clip that he was before getting hurt. But there looks to be zero issues for him while running which is the most important thing at this point.

Injured Coello can’t Throw for Four Weeks

When Coello is on, with his forkball, this is a huge blow. A forkball is also a really good way to damage your elbow and shoulder. Hopefully, Coello gets better and gets back to the form he was at when he first got put on the 25-man roster, because as we saw in his last two outings, when he’s not right, it’s really bad.

Welcome back, Vernon Wells

Of course Vernon Wells got the first hit, and then scored the first Yankees run in yesterday’s game. But, if there is a silver lining to this season, it is that we don’t have to watch our old pal Vern be bad at baseball in an Angels uniform.

Kohn Counts Mariano Among Sports’ Greatest Icons

Mariano Rivera is easily one of the greatest, if not the greatest relief pitcher in the history of the game. That’s a pretty good player for Michael Kohn to idolize. Now, he just needs to imitate him, mostly in cutting down on the free passes he seems to enjoy issuing to opposing hitters.

What’s Going on with Albert Pujols?

Decline. There, I said it. Albert Pujols looks like he is in legitimate decline. Not that he wasn’t already trending the wrong way when the Angels signed him, but he was still a dangerous force in the box then. Now, he looks like an old man. A DL stint could help him, but I fear that his pride would get in the way of him taking a two week break to get his knee right. And to think, he’s got eight years remaining on his contract.

Video of the Day
I was cruising around on the internet last night, and I finally ran into the MLB page on YouTube. Major League Baseball has been adding lots and lots of highlights to the video site, and plenty of old one’s as well (Including entire post season series’). So, of course I searched “Angels.” And at the top of the list, I found this gem.

Tony LaRussa looks craaaaaaazy.