Link Hangout – Dropping Anchor Edition

By Michael Hllywa

The Angels are quiet on the basepaths, Albert Pujols is finding his June groove and the Angels still have time.

Angels are Quieter on the Basepaths

It’s a legitimate reason that with both Erick Aybar and Peter Bourjos missing time, the Angels stolen base numbers would be down. But, it also feels like the Angels are also less aggressive on the basepaths when a hitter makes contact.

Pujols is Finding His June Groove

I hope so. I really, really hope so. But, I’m not all that confident that he actually is.

Angels Give Away Mike Trout Fish Hats

One of the upside’s to not living in Southern California is, that I am not urged to go the stadium on the day that the team gives away these hideous Mike Trout hats.

Howie Kendrick and the Elusive Batting Title

Howie Kendrick seems to be finally hitting his potential that scouts had predicted for him back in 2005. And of course it would be in a season where the team can’t get any sort of consistency going.

Kohn Emerging as Bullpen Standout

Michael Kohn has always possessed the “stuff” to be a late inning reliever at the big league level, and he showed it in 2010. In 2011, he needed to be sent back down to AAA. Last year, lost to Tommy John Surgery. He’s gotten another shot this year, and he’s making the most of it.

Angels’ Mark Trumbo Would Consider the Home Run Derby, but Conditionally

Mark Trumbo is one of the few players that should be mandated to be apart of the home run derby. Except for that whole part where he disappeared last year afterwards. Consider me on the fence while leaning towards the “don’t do it” side.

Angels Have Time to Turn Things Around

Of course the Angels still have time. It’s only June, and last year, the A’s were in a similar spot. But Josh Hamilton is hitting near .210 and striking out like he’s Mark Reynolds circa-2009, and Pujols is looking like he may need a cane more than a bat when he comes to the plate. Do the Angels have time? Yes. Am I optimistic about what they will do with that time? My optimism wanes more and more each day.