Link Hangout – Failure Edition

By Michael Hllywa

Did Josh Hamilton have the worst game ever the other night, Albert Pujols finally feels like his old self and, hopefully a move to the seventh spot will put a jolt into Hamilton.

Did Josh Hamilton Have the Worst Game Ever on Tuesday?

Well, not the worst game ever. According to the stat WPA (Win Probability added), his -0.476 WPA is the 276th worst of all-time. Technically, Juan Rivera has the worst game ever with -0.820 WPA on 6/1/2003. But, yeah, Hamilton was really, really bad the other night.

Pujols, Finally Feels Like the Albert of Old

So Pujols has never felt “right” since becoming an Angel huh? I’ll believe that Albert is right in a month when the Angels go to the All-Star break and this hot streak is still rolling along.

Josh Hamilton, A Crisis of Faith

The only person benefiting from Hamilton’s struggles, is Albert Pujols. Pujols’ own struggles have been slightly masked thanks to Hamilton’s utter ineptitude.

Josh Hamilton Reaches Low Point With Terrible Night at the Plate

It looks like everyone searched the same “three GIDP with two strikeouts” using Play Index. I’m telling you, guys, his game wasn’t that bad. I mean, yeah, it was bad, but it could have been a lot worse. /cashes check from Josh Hamilton

Hamilton Dropped to Seventh in the Batting Order

Remember how, before the season, one of the bigger debates was “who should hit second for the Angels? Lineup optimization said that Hamilton was one of the best choices for that spot. Now, he has spent a few games there, and I couldn’t be happier to see him dropped so low in the lineup.

Patient Halos Hope Hamilton Can Turn Season Around

I should rename this the Josh Hamilton Edition, because he is one hot topic right…

Jered Weaver’s Declining Skills

…Oh my. Something not about Hamilton. Although, seeing something with the words “Jered Weaver” and “declining” in the title, isn’t really all that surprising.