Link Hangout – Lots of Trout Edition

By Michael Hllywa

How else to make yourself feel better than to read a bunch of articles that feature Mike Trout? Don’t worry, I balanced out the good vibes with the depressing news about Jason Vargas and of course, it wouldn’t be a news day if there wasn’t a new story about Josh Hamilton.

Mike Trout and the Greatest Age-21 Season of All Time

How do you top having the greatest age-20 seasons? You go and have the greatest age-21 season. Then age-22, 23, 24, etcetera and so forth.

Mike Trout and Yasiel Puig: A Hustle Double Comparison

I don’t want to do this, but I’m calling it a tie. Yasiel Puig had to beat a throw by Brett Gardener though, so, there is that.

Trout Hits the Wall, and it Feels Good

Another downside to not seeing many games. I had no idea that the Big A had some archaic chain link fence in left field.

Mike Trout Still Producing on Offense

Which is great for his value, because defensive metrics hate him this year.

Mike Trout is on an Absolute Tear

Because, it can’t hurt to read again about how fascinatingly good Mike Trout is.

On to the depression

Blood Clot Forces Vargas to DL

This is scary. He is getting a second opinion on Monday, but this could cost him the rest of this season, and he’s been one of – if not the most – important pitcher on the Angels staff.

Hamilton is Nursing a Wrist Issue

There is more on Vargas in this, but the Hamilton highlight is interesting. Of course, it’s only been for “10 days or so,” which means that this excuse isn’t going to get far with regards to his slump to end all slumps.

True Grich: Let’s Try Something Different

This, is actually pretty genius. I can understand why fans aren’t doing this, but maybe it’s time for the fans to get behind their struggling slugger.

Angels Near Deal With Top-Pick Green

And for slot money, too. This kid was a must sign considering that he was expected to go late in the first round, and has major upside.

How has this season really made you feel? I feel like this.