Two Guys Doing an Angels Podcast With Mike & Kevin: Episode 17

By Michael Hllywa

Sound the royal trumpets for the triumphant return of the Why The Hell Not Podcast! (Crickets). What? No fanfare?

It’s been a couple of weeks since Kevin and I got together to bring you our brand of top notch Angels analysis. Since then, Jered Weaver has been a mediocre at best pitcher, Howie Kendrick has been having a dance party on the faces of Major League pitchers and, the Angels are closing in on signing their top pick, Hunter Green.

Kevin has said, since the ZiPS Projections were released prior to the season’s start, that Joe Blanton would have comparable numbers to Weaver by the end of the season. And so far, Weaver is making him look right thanks in large part to his diminished fastball velocity.

We’re pushing for Howie to get more love in the All-Star voting, and we are sending our best wishes to Jason Vargas for a quick and speedy recovery from his blood clot issue. You can follow us both on Twitter at @kevinlappin and @mike_hllywa. And you can read up on Kevin’s love of relievers at LA Angels Insider. You can also email us your Angels-centric questions to whythehellnotpodcastlaai(at)gmail(dot)com.

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