Link Hangout – Treading Water Edition

By Michael Hllywa

Forget “Who’s on first?” Who’s batting first? J.B. Shuck is ready and able and, Howie Kendrick isn’t fixing what isn’t broken.

Angels’ Leadoff Carousel Continues

Mike Trout is still the obvious leadoff choice. But, he also profiles favorably as a number two or number three hitter. I personally would leave Peter Bourjos at the top of the lineup until otherwise shown that he shouldn’t be there. Erick Aybar on the other hand, needs to slide down in the order.

Shuck Stands Ready in Reserve

This is because, even J.B. Shuck knows that J.B. Shuck is not an everyday player. But he has performed better this season than Vernon Wells who was going to be the Angels fourth outfielder.

Trout is Closing on His First All-Star Game Start

Mike Trout is a virtual lock to start the All-Star Game next month in New York. And rightfully so. It’s also nice to see that Alden Gonzalez is noticing Howie Kendrick’s absence from the second base leaderboard. Kendrick has outhit every second basemen in the American League, yet he is still on the outside looking in.

Hamilton Will Miss Game After Cortisone Shot

It’s a pain reliever, not a magic potion. So if you’re looking for this to cure Josh Hamilton of his issues with breaking pitches off the plate and away, keep looking.

Pujols is HOT

Smoking. Sizzling. Scalding. Blazing. Albert Pujols es en fuego. Seriously, he’s tearing it up so far in June, and even looks to be running better. A healthy Pujols is a big lift for this team offensively, but it does nothing to cure the sub par pitching.

ICYMI – Mike Trout Made a Heck of a Catch

Silly defensive metrics.

Kendrick Doesn’t Want to Mess With a Good Thing

Jim Eppard knows that you don’t mess with a hot streak. You just don’t.

Also in the article: Hunter Green agreed to sign for $942,000, or, slot money. Wonderful news. Someone get him to the Angels summer league complex stat and let’s get him on the fast track.

You know what I do to make myself feel better after game’s like last night’s? I watch Mark Trumbo take Felix Hernandez deep. Over and over and over.