Link Hangout – Buried Edition

By Michael Hllywa

Peter Bourjos is day to day, Ryan Madson, Robert Coello and Sean Burnett are headed to extended spring training and, Mike Scioscia hopes to see improvement against lefties.

Bourjos Day to Day After Injuring Left Thumb

Raise your hand if you feel bad for Peter. /Raises both hands. He started off the year well. Strained his hamstring. He’s been on fire since returning from the DL. Injures his thumb breaking up a double play. All the facepalms.

Trio of Angels Relievers Set For Extended Spring Training

Burnett and Coello are still a couple of weeks away from throwing. But, Madson is of special interest…

Madsen May Not Pitch in 2013

Because, this. I was optimistic when the Angels signed him. I though that he was for sure going to be back by late April/early May. On the brightside at least, we can’t add him to the list of relievers who came to Anaheim only to be terrible. *cough* Fernando Rodney *cough*

As Season Drags on, Batters Chase More Bad Pitches

A neat little article about how sleep can possibly be affecting O-Swing rates from month to month. Lack of sleep affected that last sentence. I had to type it three times.

Will Garrett Richards Rot in the Angels Bullpen?

Forever? No. This year? Probably. I personally would send Garrett Richards down to AAA or even AA so that he can continue to work on consistency. He can be the most dominating pitcher in the park some days. But other days, it’s as if he were setting each pitch up on a tee for the hitters.

Scioscia Hopes to see Improvement Vs. Southpaws

This could simply be a sample-size issue. The Angels are 8-12 when a lefty starts against them. That means that they have played an additional 55 games where a right-hander has started. I wouldn’t look too much into this.