LA Angels News

Iceberg, Straight Ahead!


Enjoy the moment guys. This ship may be sinking!

I hate to say it., but the season for our beloved Angels is officially headed straight for the proverbial iceberg. And if they hit that bad boy… it will be a failure of titanic proportions. See what I did there?

Going into today, the Angels sit at 33-43, yet again 10 games under .500, and I can no longer just blame this season on Joe Blanton, who if you hadn’t noticed, hasn’t looked bad at all lately. The Angels are also 11 back of the division leading Texas Rangers and 8 ½ back of a wild card spot. To put it quite bluntly, it’s time for the team to sink or swim. And that proverbial iceberg I just mentioned, is the Detroit Tigers.

If the Angels have any chance left this season to do something, they need to win this series with the Tigers. And what they absolutely cannot afford… is to be swept by the Tigers after getting swept by the Pirates. If that happens, you can close the book on the season and get ready to say goodbye to one or more of some of your favorite halos, you know, the ones that hold value to other teams.

So long #Trumbomb? Maybe…

In the last few days, as the Angels have arrived where they are now at this point in the season, speculation has begun on which players may be dealt if and when the Angels become sellers. Some of the names being tossed around include Scott Downs, Jason Vargas, and even the likes of Mark Trumbo. Can you imagine the Angels with no Trumbo? I can but I don’t want to. He’s an exciting young player who hasn’t even reached his potential. But that’s the situation the Angels find themselves in right now. A young, affordable slugger may fetch some good prospects in return, which the Angels desperately need. I just hope if this happens it doesn’t come back to bite them. My worst nightmare is seeing #Trumbomb on some Rangers, or Mariners, or A’s fans’ timelines. Just thinking about it makes me want to hegrhg… hegrhgeg… vomit.

Can the Angels actually come together and win this next series; right now it’s the most critical of the year. Well, just maybe. No one expected the Astros to come into Anaheim and sweep the Angels last time out. Some teams just have another team’s number for whatever reason. And last time the Angels faced the Tigers in Anaheim they swept them… in dominating fashion no less. So can the Angels be to the Tigers what the Stros have been to the Halos? It is baseball after all and anything can happen.

So is all hope lost? Of course not, but the Angels season certainly is circling the drain.