Link Hangout – Travel Day Edition

By Michael Hllywa

Who has his own meme? Mike Trout does. Also, a little bit of MVP debate and, can the Angels turn it around the same way that the Toronto Blue Jays did?

Mike Trout has his own meme, #Trouting

Danny Ferris, the Angels representative in the MLB fan cave, made a few short videos of himself “Trouting.” But they weren’t like this. They were videos of him posing like he was robbing a home run. But still, this is kind of cool. If your into meme’s and stuff.

The AL MVP Debate: Cabrera vs. Trout vs. Davis

The long and the short of it is this: It’s June. Last June, Josh Hamilton was definitely going to win the MVP award. Last July and August, Mike Trout was all the rage. In September, Miguel Cabrera crept into the picture. We all know how this story ends. Chris Davis is having a fantastic season, but let’s please, please hold off on the debate.

Angels Season has Turned Into a Trip to the Haunted Mansion

/Closes eyes

/Rubs forehead

/Closes laptop

I mean…I can’t even…just, wow.

Angels’ Bourjos Will Avoid Disabled List

Peter Bourjos not going to the DL is great news. Now, all he has to do is hurry back. Whatever magic potion J.B. Shuck was using when he was filling in for Bourjos in May, has obviously worn off.

Buy or Sell? 2013 Angels Prospect Watch

It’s the midway point in the season. Time to check in on the kiddos down on the farm.

Can any Other Struggling MLB Teams go on a run Like the Toronto Blue Jays?

Ken Rosenthal wins the award for longest title. The Angels have the talent, we all know that. But they haven’t shown any semblance of consistency this season. I’m not too optimistic.