Link Hangout – Boo Boo Edition

By Michael Hllywa

Peter Bourjos hopes to return to action on Wednesday, Jason Vargas is shut down for two weeks and, is Mike Trout on his way to the Hall of Fame?

Bourjos Hopes to Return Wednesday

He was in the game for defensive purposes last night, so it stands a good chance that Mike Scioscia will have him in the lineup on Wednesday.

Vargas Shut Down For Two Weeks After Second Opinion

Vargas got his second opinion, and is going ahead with surgery to remove the blood clot from his left arm pit area. Now, before you go jumping off the cliff, he’s to start throwing in two weeks, and since the clot was found early enough, there’s no reason to believe that he wont be back in the rotation in 4-6 weeks.

Halos Acquire Outfielder Cowgill From Mets

Colin Cowgill has been underwhelming for the Mets, and the Angels put him in AAA anyway. The bigger part of the story is that, to create room for Cowgill, the Angels moved Ryan Madson to the 60-day DL. I’m now putting it at a 10% chance that we see Madson in an Angels uniform, and I think that’s being generous.

The Scourge of the Disappointing Angel Defense

I don’t even want to try and wrap my head around why the Angels defense has performed so terribly this season. So, I find articles where other people have already done that. Then, I link them here.

Wrist Improved, Hamilton Returns to Lineup

And Josh Hamilton gets in the lineup and proceeds to go 3-5 with a walk. All three hits were singles, and he struck out twice, but he was getting on base. Did the four days off help? Probably not. But it was nice to see Josh not channeling his inner Jeff Mathis.

Why the 2013 Angels are like the 2013 Superman

I must admit, I have not seen the new Superman yet. I have also heard that it is terrible. So connecting the Angels to Superman makes sense. Damnit.

2013 Angels Draftees Already Seeing Action

Great. Now, when does Hunter Green make his debut?

Is Mike Trout on his Way to the Hall of Fame?

STOP! He’s 21. It’s his second season. Sure, I want to see him get a bronze plaque 25 years from now, but can we just chill out, please?