Link Hangout – Indecision Edition

By Michael Hllywa

Angels GM, Jerry Dipoto isn’t into labels, Jered Weaver is trying to regain flexibility and, farmhand C.J. Cron will be on the U.S. Team at the Futures game.

Jerry Dipoto Focuses on Present, but a Reckoning Looms

The Angels aren’t buyers (duh) or sellers (what?). Which makes sense. The team has too many high priced contracts to move, and they weren’t given to players that you build a team around, hence not being sellers. The team has too many high priced contracts, and don’t have enough wiggle room to add quality talent at the deadline should the decide to make a playoff push. Hence, not buyers. You follow?

Weaver Pushing to Regain Flexible Delivery

So, this is how we work on getting back to throwing first pitch strikes, huh? Hey, Mike Butcher says that this is the problem, let’s go with it.

The Five Stages of Rooting For Josh Hamilton

So, this is like a 12-step program for Angels fans and accepting Josh Hamilton, right? It’s ironic. I love it.

Miggy, C.J. put Slugger’s Stare Behind Them

Next time, C.J. Wilson should do a fist pump then a spin cartwheels around the mound. That would be enough to earn a stare down from Miguel Cabrera, or anyone for that matter. Saying “Woo!” because you got a called third strike, not enough to get a stare down. Sit down, chief. You got rung op looking.

Angels Prospect C.J. Cron Selected For Futures Game

Talent! The Angels have some in the minors! Hopefully the U.S. manager doesn’t get foolish and try to play Cron in the field somewhere. Because that, that could get ugly.