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Random Ramblings on a Thursday, Vol. 3



That moment when you realize you might be psychic is awesome at first, til you realize the supernatural power you think you might have may only be related to your baseball team.

You see, on Tuesday I asked the following question,


     So can the Angels be to the Tigers what the stros have been to the Halos? It is baseball after all and anything can happen.


Well… feel free to refer to me as Ms. Cleo if you like. Wait… Never mind, don’t do that.

At any rate, the answer to that question is a resounding yes. Coming fresh off a series with the Pirates at home where the Angels gave away the last game and were swept, things looked bleak for the blessed ones. Add to that news that Jason Vargas would be out for almost a month, game 2 where Tommy Hanson hurt himself warming up, which I figure is a lot like me pulling a hammy getting off the couch to grab another beer, and you get the picture.

Trouty and Howie celebrating after the sweep.

Welp… our Los Angeles Mash Unit of Anaheim came through as you know… they buckled down and got the job done against a very good, but probably very confused Detroit Tigers team. Mike Trout was his usual Troutstanding self, Josh Hamilton showed some signs of life, J.B. Shuck overcame that last game of the series with the Pittsburgers where clearly some Pirates fan busted out his JB voodoo doll and started wailing on it after the seventh inning of that game. Shuck was unShuckingbelievable in this series with the Tigers. He not only hit the ever-loving crap out of the ball but even played some pretty good defense. Shuck went 6-14 with five runs and four RBIs during in this series and continues to be maybe the best reserve outfielder in all baseball. If for some reason the Angels do become sellers… MLBJesus forbid… Shuck may actually be a decent trade piece. But that’s neither here nor there… at least not yet.

The sweep kept the Angels on life support for the season as they now sit seven games back of the last wildcard spot in the AL. Cue Jim Carey in Dumb and Dumber now, “So you’re sayin there’s a chance?!?!? Yeaaaah!” Yep, I am. But only if they get it done in Houston where they head to face the Astros for a three game set.

Now can they just flip that switch and beat a team they should beat? Man I hope so, because another sweep at the hands of the all powerful Houston Astros and you can probably stick a fork in the Angels 2013 season.